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Discover the advantages of VOIP !

Cut your business phone costs by up to 70% and step up to the amasing features of a 3CX managed software based PBX.

Utilise the latest digial IP technology and stop paying through the roof for telephony services.

Erskine Technology is a certified 3CX engineer and has experience installing some of the largest IP based telephony systems on the Fraser Coast.

Why choose Erskine Technology? We are networking specialists. VOIP systems are computer network based, only a networking specialist can configure an IP based VOIP system to perform as it is intended. We have rectified installations that have been poorly delivered by other providers. Telephony is moving away from old physcial copper based PBX systems and are now a modern component of a digital business data network. A correctly installed system will provide productivety, features and quality that has never been experienced with an old tranditional system.

If you would like to speak to a networking specialist to discuss how your business can grow and save with a 3CX system. Call Erskine Technology today on 07 4183 1740.

Benefits include:

No more multiple line rentals - Use your internet serivce !

Migrate your existing numbers to your VOIP or SIP trunk service

10c Calls to any Australian landline - Untimed

20c Calls to any of 21 included international countries - Untimed

Voice mail to email (Have all your voicemails emailed to you as an audio attachment)

iPhone and Android apps to allow you to take your extension with you!

Presence Information - View who is available, out of the office etc before calling their extension

Digital Receptionist - Allow your customers to select options via the digital receptionist to route their call to the appropriate extension.

IP Based telephones with color LCD screens

Windows based softphone - Control your physical phone from the Windows app

Use your computer as a softphone. No need to have a physical phone if you do not desire one

Set automatic office hours, so your phones automatically divert to voicemail or a mobile phone

Call forwarding rules - Call screening - Forward important calls or blacklist undesired numbers.

Combine multiple VOIP or SIP trunk services

Large colour LCD displays on a large range of compatible phone

Tailor a system that suits your needs

Don't be locked into a vendors proprietary products

Remote extensions - Take your extension home

Call your other office locations for free

Planning on moving.... a VOIP or SIP service running on a 3CX software based PBX can be moved anywhere anytime. No need for a frustrating exercise planning for numbers to be moved or accounts to be transferred. Simply take the system to the new location.

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