With computing power reaching new extremes each year. A single server is now powerful enough to run more than one operating system. The resources of the physical server can be divided and shared between multiple virtual machines. By utilising VMWare or Hyper-V technology you can run multiple virtual servers on a single physical server. There are many advantages for doing this. You can reduce the financial burden by purchasing less physical hardware in stances where more than one server is required. In the event of a physical server failing, it is simply a matter of moving the virtual server to another physical host or replacement server and be up and running again in less time. This reduces the issues of drivers and compatibly between old and new replacement hardware. Every business should consider virtualisation as a robust and reliable option for your business.

Erskine Technology extensively utilises virtual servers in our setup, it is a way for us to have the number of servers we require which occupies less physical hardware. If we were to have a physical server fail, we can simply move the effected virtual machines to one of our other physical servers. This greatly reduces any down time and impact to our clients.

We have been using virtualisation technology since the 90's and includes experience with mainframe computing partitioning.