Offsite Backup Solutions



Erskine Technology's backup solution means your data is encrypted before it leaves your site. The powerful Blowfish algorithm with up to 448-bit military level encryption makes the backup data secure and inaccessible to security threats.  Communication between the backup client & server is done through a TCP/IP based secure connection for additional security


Your data is only as safe as the integrity of your backup. If your premises was to be adversely affected by burglary, vandalism or disaster, how would your business recover from the loss of data?


Erskine Technology provides an automated backup service. We backup your data securely via encryption after hours via your Internet connection to our data centre storage to safeguard your business against data loss.


Contact us today for a quote and a tailored solution that meets your needs. You will have peace of mind via our daily backup notifications that email the daily status of your backup. Will your business continue to trade if you lost your intellectual property?


Our data storage centre is located between Hervey Bay and Maryborugh nearly 60 metres above sea level and well above any flood risk. We can safe guard your data against loss. In the event that you required access to your backup, we can offer a local same day service without the concern of data being couriered from an interstate location causing an untimely delay in getting your business backup to speed.