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Erskine Technology is based in Hervey Bay Queensland. We are an I.T. consultancy dedicated to providing services to business clients. Our business focus allows us to provide high end experience and service to your business. We specialise in building the best PC and servers on the market with industry leading components. We can support your existing I.T. infrastructure or design and install a new network and systems based on your individual business and needs. We are a complete information and communications technology provider and can arrange everything from your internet connection, network installation, world leading 3CX VOIP/SIP telephony and digital video surveillance.

Why can we serve you better? Information Technology is an unregulated industry, there is no requirement for anyone posing as a specialist or technician in the I.T. field to poses any education or experience what-so-ever. If people were to operate in the fields on Law, Medicine, Finance or even plumbing, mechanical and electrical without the appropriate qualifications, they would find themselves shutdown. There is a huge knowledge gap between an entry level enthusiast and an I.T. Specialist with decades of experience. Aaron Erskine commenced professional employment at the age of 17 as a "Mainframe Operator" now referred to as super computers in the basement of Australia's largest bank in Sydney and also commenced employment at I.T. giant IBM. We provide seasoned experience and enthusiasm to support your business network regardless of its size.



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